What are the violin string names

What are the violin string names and where are they?

If you have recently picked up a violin or you are wanting to learn to play, you may be wondering what are the violin string names and where they are on the violin. In other words, which string is which string.

The violin has four different strings. The strings are called from left to right, G, D, A and E. G is the lowest, deepest sound and E is the highest sound. If you are still wondering what the different violin string names are, a picture below indicates the names of the strings.

Violin string names

On the piano, the violin string names match up to the G just below middle C, the D next to middle C, the A above middle C and the E one octave above middle C. An octave is 8 notes. These are the string names you will be using to tune your violin. An image below indicates the different violin string names and where you will find them on the piano. The C next to the note marked D is middle C.

Violin String Names on the Piano

The other thing is that once you know the violin string names, you need to tune the violin according to the right pitch. You can use a piano to do this with a trained ear, but if your ear is not yet trained, it’s best to use a violin tuner that will tell you if your strings are on pitch and in tune. The violin tuners are usually programmed to the violin string names and the correct pitch. A list of violin tuners available on Amazon are below:

The thickest of the violin strings is named G. D is a little less thick, A is less thick and E is the thinnest string. This information will come in handy when you need to replace your strings. Also how to trouble shoot the tuning pegs or how to replace violin strings. You can see an article on how to troubleshoot the tuning pegs here called “When the tuning pegs keep popping off”.

The first thing every new violinist needs to know is the different violin string names and where they are placed on the violin. It is also handy to know where they sit on a piano. I hope this article has informed you of the different violin string names and that you can now go ahead with tuning or starting to play the violin!

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