Violin Luthier in BC Canada

Looking for a violin luthier in BC Canada?

What is a violin luthier? A Violin luthier is someone who fixes violins. It’s an art they specialize in and have spent many years perfecting. Violin luthiers are also well trained in violin making, often making the best instruments around.

If you are looking for a violin luthier in BC Canada to make you a violin, to repair a special violin or re-hair your violin bow, you need to look no further. Below, I have a list of luthiers based in BC, Canada and their addresses.

Why choose a luthier and not a musical store? Most musical stores will have someone trained to fix minor issues on a violin. But they often outsource to a violin luthier in any case. But if you have a highly specialized violin or specialized things that need to be done on the violin, the best is to get yourself a violin luthier. Below is a list of violin luthiers based in BC Canada that can help you fix your violin problems!

Kim Tipper: Victoria
Julian VitekVictoria
James HamVictoria
Warren BailyVictoria
Laura WallacePowell River
Raymond Anthony NicolComox
Zak StolkHoneymoon Bay
Grant WicklandSaltspring Island
William OkosSummerland BC
Herman JanzenMission BC
Michael AltschulerRichmond, BC
Vintage ViolinsVancouver, BC
Chris MatyjaVancouver, BC
Gerard Ivan SamijaVancouver BC
Bob LaughlinVancouver BC
Poesis ViolinNorth Vancouver BC

It is always nice and special when you are looking for that special someone who can look after your violin and know your violin next time you go back. My suggestion is to find a violin luthier in BC Canada or your area that you can keep going back to.

Not looking for a violin luthier in BC Canada? Perhaps this website can help you find one in your area.

Can I play violin without a chinrest?

Can I play violin without a chinrest?

Many new violinists have asked the question, “Can I play violin without a chinrest?”. The answer to this question is not a simple one. Yes, you can play violin without a chinrest, but there are many factors involved in why a chinrest is necessary. There are also alternatives to using a violin chinrest that I will describe below.

A Violin chinrest is necessary to play comfortably. If you are planning on playing violin without a chinrest, you may feel sore, the violin won’t sit well on your shoulder and could slip while you play. The other thingt to remember about a chinrest is that it prevents the violin from hurting your colar bone as it’s placed right there. Playing violin without a chinrest can hurt your colar bone and be extremely uncomfortable.

Violin chinrests are expensive. Make no mistake. Playing the violin in general is an expensive instrument to play. Everything costs money. From the instrument itself to the accessories needed. Strings cost a small fortune. A chinrest costs a fortune. Rosin costs a fortune. Books cost a lot too. Many people don’t have the kind of money to keep up with getting the necessary accessories for the violin.

For this reason, teachers often encourage younger students who will still outgrow their violin size to not purchase a chinrest straight away. For starters, you can get a big round sponge that you tie around the violin at the bottom with an elastic. This will prevent the colar bone from getting hurt and will make it slightly more comfortable to play the violin. It is a temporary option while you save money to buy a chinrest or wait it out to upgrade to a bigger size violin.

So the answer to the question “Can I play violin without a chinrest?” Is two part. Yes you can, but it will not be comfortable. But, you can also make a temporary solution of a sponge with an elastic. This is not permanent though and you should start saving up to purchase a violin chinrest.

Below are some options for violin chinrests from Amazon. Not every violin chinrest costs an arm and a leg and I would really encourage you if it is within your means to purchase one. Just make certain you get the correct size. And if you cannot purchase a violin chinrest right away, you can play violin without a chinrest until you can afford to purchase one. Just follow the advice above.

How to fix a loose violin chin rest

Is it not just the most irritating thing ever? You just came home from your violin lesson and your violin has a loose violin chin rest? The worst is that you do not know how to fix a loose violin chin rest.

Fear not, for in this article I will explain to you how to fix a loose violin chin rest. It is important to pay attention so that you do not scratch or damage your violin while tightening this piece of the violin. That’s right, all it is is a little bit of tightening on a screw that needs to be done. Easier said than done though.

For fixing a loose violin chin rest, there are a couple of pieces of equipment that you need. The first piece of equipment is a speciality violin screw driver. You can find one on the Amazon link below. If you cannot afford to wait for the screw driver to arrive, you can use a simple safety pin or sewing needle if you have one close by.

In the image below, you can see the chin rest. Also see the holes in the chin rest screws. The holes go through from the front to the back. You need to carefully insert your pin (or screw driver) into the hole. Don’t push it all the way through the hole. If the pin comes out the other side, you are liable to scratch your violin. You want to push it through just enough so that you can turn the screw, but not far enough that it will scratch the violin’s body.

The simple thing is, all you need to do really, is to turn the screws until they are tight. This is of course after you have positioned the chin rest back in place. Sometimes to do that, one has to clip it back on the violin.

Once that is done, your violin chin rest is back on, safe and sound. It’s so easy to fix a loose violin chin rest. Nothing to it. I do hope that this has been helpful. Do make certain that you do invest in a proper violin screw driver to avoid scratching your violin.