Having the correct violin posture

Having the correct violin posture

Playing violin has a lot to do with having the correct violin posture. From the way you stand to the way you hold the violin and the way you rest your violin on your shoulder.

If you do not have the correct violin posture, you will find yourself struggling to play correctly and also in some cases have aches and pains in places you did not know existed.

When standing, it important to stand correctly. Lessons from a Suzuki violin teacher or professional private violin teacher would help you and teach you the correct posture. It is very possible that your posture would have to be corrected the first couple of times as you get used to this new way of standing with the correct violin posture.

The same goes for holding the violin. There is a correct violin posture that needs to be maintained when holding the violin and the bow. If you fail to maintain this correct violin posture, you will find that it affects your playing and your sound.

The correct violin posture is something that needs to be sorted out in the first couple of lessons. Failure to address posture problems will result in difficulty later.

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