How do you tape a violin fingerboard?

How to correctly tape a violin fingerboard

There are several ways and methods to tape a violin fingerboard. So if you are asking the question “how do you tape a violin fingerboard?” you have come to the right place. In this article, I will attempt to show you how you tape a violin fingerboard correctly.

The measurements for finger taping a violin fingerboard needs to be absolutely correct. Even being off by one mm is going to make you false. The violin strings have very little space for error. Therefore, it has to be exactly correct. There are two ways you can tape a violin fingerboard correctly so that you won’t make mistakes while playing. The first way is to just buy a fretboard sticker or download one for free. This is by far the easiest. But if you feel more adventurous and would not like a fretboard sticker covering up your entire fingerboard (this is not necessary), you can measure out the exact measurements on the violin fingerboard and place the tape on the fingerboard, correctly. I will explain how to do this in the paragraphs below.

Firstly, you need the measurements to get the exact positions to tape the violin fingerboard correctly. These you can get by clicking here or just look at the bottom of the article for the measurements. Carefully measure from the nut, which is the end part of the fingerboard right up against the neck of the violin that stands up a little and potrudes a little. From that corner in the fingerboard where the nut is, is where you start your measuring. Measure each position and carefully make a light pencil mark.

The next thing to do to tape the fingerboard correctly is to slowly insert your first finger sticker or fingering tape underneath the strings and place it on the pencil mark you made. Do this for each of the measurements. You should be placing three pieces of tape / stickers.

The last thing you do to ensure that you have taped the violin fingerboard correctly is to test it. Find someone that can play the piano and with the violin tuned, press your finger on each placement while bowing the violin or plucking the string. This will tell you if it’s in tune. you can also use a tuner app to do this.

The notes should be the following:

  • G String: Open G, First finger A, Second finger B, Third finger C#
  • D String: Open D, First finger E, Second finger F#, Third finger G
  • A String: Open A, First finger B, Second finger C#, Third finger D
  • E String: Open E, First finger F#, Second finger G, Third finger A
  • I hope this has been helpful in how to tape the violin fingering correctly. Please ensure that you measure correctly and test it to avoid learning wrong finger placement.

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    How do you tape a violin fingerboard? Measurements for violin fingerboard taping / marking.

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