How to keep a violin clean

Welcome. Today I am going to share with you how to keep a violin clean. It’s not a simple cut and paste method of taking a damp cloth and rubbing the violin with it. In fact, a damp cloth can damage the violin’s body. When you clean your violin, you want to make sure that you keep it in good condition.

Before I share with you how to keep a violin clean, you need to stock up on a couple of supplies. Many of these supplies can be bought at a music store or off Amazon. The Amazon adds for these products are on this page. I do earn affiliate income from Amazon, so when you click on the add, I do receive a commission off of it.

The supplies to keep a violin clean are as follows: you need some almond oil, some 70% rubbing alcohol and two very soft cloths. One for dusting and one for cleaning. In addition, some cotton wool would be helpful too. Right, without much more said, let me tell you how to keep a violin clean and in good shape.

The first thing you want to do is after each time that you played, you want to take one of those duster cloths and just gently wipe away all the rosin dust on the violin. This will help that the rosin does not stick to the violin and prevent varnish damage.

About once every month or two, I would recommend doing a thorough clean. How you clean a violin is a delicate process and needs to be done carefully. For the varnish part of the violin, after you have wiped away the dust particles, you will need to drop a few drops of Almond oil onto the cloth and gently wipe the varnish with it. Not too much or it could soak into the wood and damage the violin.

For the strings, fingerboard and chinrest, use a few drops of the alcohol and rub it on the strings, fingerboard and chin rest. This will remove sweat particles from your chin and fingers off the strings and other parts of the violin that your body touches.

So to answer the question how to keep a violin clean properly, I hope this has been easy to follow and understand. Always be very careful and take care that you do not damage the violin while cleaning it.

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