Types of violins

Types of violins

The types of violins and which one would be right for you. There are so many types of violins to choose from. When just starting out with the world of violin, you can be confused as to what type of violin you need.

There are electric violins, semi electric violins, acoustic violins, student violins and professional violins. All these types of violins can bring confusion, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking at or what you are doing.

If you are a brand new violin student, the type of violin you need to look at is probably an acoustic violin, a student violin at that. The acoustic violin will assist you in proper learning of technique which the electric, silent and semi electric violins cannot do. The acoustic violin is also used for classical training.

The electrical type of violin which includes the semi electric and silent violins are specifically designed for contemporary violin and does not really work in a classical setting. The types of violins are different, depending on the genre you want to play. Acoustic can be used for contemporary violin too.

When you just start out, I would recommend getting the type of violin that would teach you technique. A good student violin which is acoustic will serve this purpose well. Later on, when you do contemporary stage performances you can spread out your collection and get other types of violins but to start with, get yourself a good acoustic student violin.

I hope this clears up the confusion around the types of violins. To find out what you need when starting violin lessons, please go to my article on it or click on the link.

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