Violin Finger Chart

Violin Finger Chart for finger placement

When starting out with a violin, it can be quite hard to know where to do the finger placement. Especially if you have not had your ear trained yet. The violin fingerboard has no frets. For that reason, it could be a good idea to get a violin finger chart.

What exactly is a violin finger chart? This is a sticker that looks like a fretboard of a guitar, that will help guide you on how and where to do the placement for your fingers.

The reason that you need to know exactly where the finger placement needs to go is that when you put your fingers down on the violin, even if it is just slightly out, even by just 1mm, the sound will be off and you will sound false.

A violin finger chart will help you have the correct finger placement every single time. It is clearly marked with each note’s position so that you can do an exact finger placement. Some charts only use beginner positions, but other violin finger charts use more notes and options.

When looking for a violin finger chart, it would be useful to know that it is also sometimes called a violin fret board sticker. Also a violin finger placement sticker. If you do a search on Amazon for violin finger placement, the violin finger placement or violin finger chart stickers will come up. Below is our violin fretboad print out that can be downloaded for free.

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