Why is it important to bow straight on the violin?

This is the question many new violinists just starting out ask. Why is it important to bow straight on the violin from the start. Why do I need to get my technique right first before I can start learning how to play?

The answer is simple. Violin is not just any instrument that can be picked up and learned in a couple of hours. There are people claiming that it’s possible to learn in a couple of hours, but these people are actually just giving you information. To learn the violin takes hours and hours of dedicated practicing. And to learn how to bow straight on the violin is of vital importance for technique.

Why is it important to get my technique right, specifically for bowing straight? Well the answer is “acoustics”. If you are not bowing straight on the violin, your sound will be all wrong and you will run into problems later on when you get more advanced. Bowing straight on the violin and getting it right from the get-go, is very very important and vital to the success of violin playing.

Not only is it important for getting your tone and sound right, but it’s also important for not hitting your bridge, fingerboard and damaging your violin. Bowing skew can cause all sorts of problems, along with playing well later on. It is best to get your bowing right from the start to avoid all these problems.

I hope this has helped to answer the question; why it it important to bow straight on the violin from the start. Any further questions, you are welcome to check out my YouTube channel.

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