The Violin Basics

The violin basics course is an introduction course that will teach you all about the very basics of the violin. It will teach you all about the maintenance of the violin as well as how to make a sound out of the violin! Further, it will teach you the following:

  • How to keep a violin
  • How to take care of the violin bow
  • How to clean a violin
  • How to string a violin
  • How to tune a violin
  • How to hold the bow
  • How to hold the violin
  • Having the correct posture
  • How to make a sound
  • How to bow straight
  • The notes on the violin

At the end of the violin basics course, you should have a thorough knowledge on how to take care of your violin, maintain your violin and make basic sounds with the violin. Have the correct posture and play very basic sounds.

The course is presented online with videos, written work and practice sessions that you need to record and upload. The total time for this course is approximately two hours of learning and giving feedback. The practice time for this course on violin basics depends entirely on you and how soon you master the content. For a list of fees for this course, please click here

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