Basic – Intermediate Violin Lessons (online)

The Basic to Intermediate Violin lessons course is an online course designed to teach you to play the violin as if you are with a teacher. The course will teach you to read music and play it on the violin.

Some of the course content is below:

  • How to keep a violin
  • How to take care of the violin bow
  • How to clean a violin
  • How to string a violin
  • How to tune a violin
  • How to hold the bow
  • How to hold the violin
  • Having the correct posture
  • How to make a sound
  • How to bow straight
  • Basic music theory
  • How to play the main notes and read them on music
  • Bow control
  • How to play more advanced notes and read them on musi
  • More advanced music timing
  • More advanced bow control
  • Basic songs
  • Sharps, flats and naturals
  • Songs with sharps, flats and naturals
  • More advanced timing
  • Progressing to more complex work

When you have progressed to more complex work, it will be a gradual increase in knowledge and experience as you progress through pieces and learn more about the music.

The basic to intermediate course on playing the violin will take you from beginner level to intermediate. By the end of the course you will be able to read music and play it. It will take you up to about a Trinity school of music Grade 3 level of playing.

The time length of the course depends entirely on you and how much practice and effort is put into it. I firmly believe that you can learn, even if you don’t have talent. It just takes extra work.

Each person progresses at their own pace. I have had students who have learned to play the basics in three months and I have had students who learned to play the basics in two years. There has been students who have learned to play up to intermediate level in three years and there has been students who have taken six years to get to that level.

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